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Why Live in Baltimore? | Baltimore Apartments

July 20, 2015 by Jefferson Square

Why Baltimore? Because…shopping! There is always an occasion for shopping, right? We found the top-ranked shops near Fells Point on Yelp and we are 100% ready to go shopping, sooo…who’s coming with us?

  1. Poppy and Stella. This cute, high-end boutique is just as adorable as it sounds. So, we all know by now that shoes are the most fun to shop for because, well, they always fit. According to their website, they were “Voted Baltimore’s Best Shoe Store in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013!” That’s a pretty great shoe rep if you ask us. Cristin M. on Yelp noted, “If I lived anywhere nearby I would be a lot poorer because I honestly wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS, gasping audibly at almost every dress I looked at. With the help of two very sweet sales girls I narrowed it down to two and I’m very happy with my purchase. A great place to treat yourself to something pretty.” That’s right, Baltimore babes, treat yo’ self!
  2. Su Casa. As much fun as it is to buy clothes for ourselves, our luxury apartments need furnishing too. Their Yelp reviews are quite positive and their inventory boasts some truly unique and high-end pieces of furniture. Alan G. on Yelp shared, “Came here with my fiancée to kill some time and also check out some couches. The customer service here is great. A guy approached us shortly after we entered, and asked if he could help. We asked if they had any couches in leather or anything hypoallergenic, and he took great pains to look through their alternative materials for the displayed couches to find us some options. In the end, we didn’t purchase anything, but I appreciated the friendliness and effort.”
  3. Sound Garden. If you’re working on stacking up your vinyl stash, this is the spot to hit. As Mark N. on Yelp puts it, “One of the last of a dying breed – an actual RECORD STORE.  This is one of the greats and the fact that they remain open is a testament to their excellent customer service.” Sound Garden is clearly a staple to Baltimore’s music scene.

From shoes to sofas to sounds, you won’t be disappointed with the Baltimore shopping scene. Know a store near our downtown Baltimore apartments that beats these three? Share it with us!